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Time Zone Converter: Central Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time

What Time is it in CST Now?

16:31:51 CST
Friday, Sep 29, 2023

What Time is it in EST Now?

17:31:51 EST
Friday, Sep 29, 2023
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11:00pm - 23:00 12:00am - 00:00
Welcome to the most comprehensive time-focused website on the internet! On this page you will find a converter that can show you the difference between two specific time zones. In this case we're talking about converting Central Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time. Beyond this convenient tool, we also have live clocks for both of these areas that adjust for factors like Daylight Saving Time. Also, tables are available for easy reference to various conversions as you see fit. When converting between these two zones, it's best to remember that these two time zones are adjacent to one another, meaning they are exactly an hour off from each other. The Eastern zone is one hour ahead of the Central zone. Here's an example for you: If it's 5:00 P.M in the CST zone, then it is 6:00 P.M in the EST zone. Always add one hour to the Central time to convert to the Eastern one. Both of these locations observe Daylight Saving Time, therefore there is a period of each year from March until November where the clocks are moved forward an hour. On November 1st, they are moved back. During DST, both of these time zones are in different slots: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and Central Daylight Time (EDT) respectively. Let's examine each time zone in more detail: Central Standard Time: This zone is 6 hours behind Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and is written as UTC -6:00. During DST it is written as UTC -5:00. it is used in the following countries: Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, and the United States. The military uses this time zone and designates it with an "S" which stands for "Sierra." This zone includes major cities such as Mexico City with a population of 12 million people. Other major cities of note in this region are Chicago, Houston, and the ancient cities of Iztapalapa and Ecatepec. Eastern Standard Time: This zone is five hours behind from Universal Coordinated Time. It is written as UTC -5:00. The eastern portion of the United States uses it, along with EDT during the summer months which is subsequently written as UTC: -4:00. The following countries are within this time zone: Bahamas, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Panama, Turks and Caicos Islands, and of course the United States. Perhaps the most notable city in this zone is New York City in the United States. With a population of over 8 million people, this is one of the most well-known and important cities in the world. The military designation for this time zone is "R" which is short for "Romeo."

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